Tuesday, October 02, 2007

No law, no law at all...

After three, full-length, impeccably made series it brings me genuine sadness that Deadwood is likely finished for good.

While Mr McShane shone like polaris as 'Al', it was the entirety of the cast that made this so utterly engrossing. The inclusion of Brian Cox in the third series was a masterstroke, an acknowledgement of the fact that it is invariably a British (or sometimes Australian) supporting cast that makes an American screenplay great. I only wish that they had found some way to fit in David Thewlis or Geoffrey Rush.

There are strong rumors of a conclusion coming as a set of 'made for TV' films, however HBO have not confirmed this as yet. We can but hope.

The intro alone, with the on the button imagery (I shy away from 'gritty') and compelling music ('Rome' anybody?) was always enough to hold my attention.

HBO felt in the end that the series was too expensive. However, as with everything in life...you get what you pay for.

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Momentary Academic said...

Indeed. But remember, the British (or Australian) actors had to learn from American cowboy actors how to do the job well.