Monday, November 26, 2007

This saddens me

This article has ruined my day. Chris Morris, the talented comic writer of such genius as Brasseye has penned an attack on Martin Amis of such unbridled PC twattery as to totally destroy any admiration I previously held for him. A couple of points...

Amis is not a racist, if you label him racist you are doing so out of a failure to refute his arguments.

Islam is not a 'race', it is a creed and as such you CAN judge people based upon it. Racism is offensive because it shows a judgement based upon an irrelevant, uncontrollable variable. However, religion provides you with (some) relevant data with which you can BEGIN to form a judgement of somebody. People are individuals and must be taken as separate cases in all instances but to argue that religion is an irrelevant variable is foolish.

I am so unbelievably fucked off with the inability of many to accept that many characteristics of Islam are simply unpalatable to traditional British values. Time for a beer.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Woeful...absolutely woeful

OK, we could all see this coming. I must admit, as a Welshman it warms the cockles of my heart to see the much vaunted England football team fail miserably. While I have the greatest respect for the English rugby side, their football team is the most overrated bunch of stumblefucks I have ever come across. OK, I can hear the jeers of derision at the Welsh football effort coming from some distance away. The difference however is this: we don't pretend to be any good.

The English media would have us believe that Terry and chums are a major world force (indeed they do this every time a competition comes around), but this has not been the case for some considerable time. Footballers are generally a bunch of pathetic, overpaid, infantile pieces of clitcheese who pretend to cry every time anybody sneezes in their direction...and do you know what really gets me?

...the media always cites that they 'tried hard' (read the end of the linked article), who gives a monkeys bell-end? They fucking lost! They're shit! I suggest they fuck off home, get buttfucked by their botox and cocaine ridden girlfriends and watch some rugby on the TV so they can see what real men do when somebody steps on their toe.

Back at the front line

I'm back in the land of the living today following a hellish few days on the health front. I'm also still somewhat in disbelief at the HMRC fiasco, it seems it isn't a windup and they actually are as incompetent as they seem.

On a lighter note my Nintendo Wii has kept me sane, and I'm quite sure added to my recovery over the last few days. The new Super Mario game is such a wonderfully guilty pleasure, yet another reminder of just how much fun it is to remain in touch with ones inner child.

Best sign off now, my inbox looks like a train has hit it and if I dont make inroads today then I will never catch up.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Ken...why do you hate me so?

To Ken Livingstone...why are you so offended by me and others like me?

I am from a modest background and earn a modest income.

I am an atheist, but not vigorously so.

I vote Conservative (Not BNP).

I try and tolerate the values and beliefs of others as far as they are not harmful.

Yet you have no regard for me or my ilk....why is this? We exist to you only to feed the tax pot from which you reach out to the immigrants, religious and ethnic minorities...and anybody in a Che Guevara T-shirt.

What have we done to you to cause such an irrational love for anybody with coloured skin or communist sympathies. You appear to have no reason for this other than good old leftist spite.

You hate me because I'm white, you hate me because I was born here, you hate me because I dont need your help. But most of all, you hate me because I cannot provide you with a vessel with which to continue your spiteful anti-capitalist agenda.

Do you know what Ken...I hate you too.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Mathematical Genius

This story caught my attention during my daily read of DK.

I fucking pissed myself...Tina are such a dribbling, earlicking, mouthbreather that I humbly suggest you take a bath with your favourite mains-powered appliance and avoid further contamination of the gene pool.

I mean, Christ, its like she's fucking five or something. Then again, it is Manchester.

Little advice Dear...when caught out as being painfully stupid, its best not to advertise it in the newspaper.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

This week I shall be mostly...

...basking in the glory that is the world of Andrzej Sapkowski.

I will be reading about Geralt, playing Geralt on my PC, and generally doing Witcheresque stuff.

If you don't know what I'm talking about then you are missing out.

Enlightenment to be found here.

Trust the book.


I have been very lax in the last week with regards to posting. Busy week in work and blah,blah etc.

Yeah, I have just been a bit useless.

Could really do with sorting my life out to be honest. I will be better from now on...promise.

Saturday, November 03, 2007


I shall be mostly...getting cunted.

That is all.

Jacques Fruits de Bois

This 'Belgian Cider flavoured with fruits of the forest' is supposedly imported into Britain to tantalise the tastebuds of discerning cider drinkers such as myself.

It carries a relatively premium price tag (about 3 quid a bottle from the off licence), and is marketed as something rather special.

Just to warn's fucking Bow and Black. That unmistakeable tang of chemical ridden Strongbow mixed with Asda value blackcurrant squash! I was tempted to pour some Prince Consort Vodka in it and really feel like I was twelve again.

Another triumph by the marketing/advertising cunts over the forces of sense and good taste.

Friday, November 02, 2007

The deepest pit of hell

I was in a meeting yesterday for 6 hours with a whole gaggle of salesmen, it was like purgatory with powerpoint (somebody actually used a fucking laserpointer - I wanted to stuff it into his eyesocket).

As you can imagine, the bullshit was flying thick and fast. One speaker managed to use the word 'encapsulate' at least eight times in a 5 minute presentation, awkward questions were 'parked', and at least 5 'brainstorming' sessions took place. In short, I wished that everybody around me would die painfully and leave me to wallow in shame at the company I was keeping.

Guys, here is a sales tip: try being honest and saying what you actually mean, avoid wrapping it in cheesy analogies, meaningless corporate bollocks and pointless acronyms. We live in an age of increasing cynicism, adapt or wither and die.