Thursday, November 22, 2007

Woeful...absolutely woeful

OK, we could all see this coming. I must admit, as a Welshman it warms the cockles of my heart to see the much vaunted England football team fail miserably. While I have the greatest respect for the English rugby side, their football team is the most overrated bunch of stumblefucks I have ever come across. OK, I can hear the jeers of derision at the Welsh football effort coming from some distance away. The difference however is this: we don't pretend to be any good.

The English media would have us believe that Terry and chums are a major world force (indeed they do this every time a competition comes around), but this has not been the case for some considerable time. Footballers are generally a bunch of pathetic, overpaid, infantile pieces of clitcheese who pretend to cry every time anybody sneezes in their direction...and do you know what really gets me?

...the media always cites that they 'tried hard' (read the end of the linked article), who gives a monkeys bell-end? They fucking lost! They're shit! I suggest they fuck off home, get buttfucked by their botox and cocaine ridden girlfriends and watch some rugby on the TV so they can see what real men do when somebody steps on their toe.

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An Englishman in France said...

A little harsh, but oh so fucking true.