Monday, November 26, 2007

This saddens me

This article has ruined my day. Chris Morris, the talented comic writer of such genius as Brasseye has penned an attack on Martin Amis of such unbridled PC twattery as to totally destroy any admiration I previously held for him. A couple of points...

Amis is not a racist, if you label him racist you are doing so out of a failure to refute his arguments.

Islam is not a 'race', it is a creed and as such you CAN judge people based upon it. Racism is offensive because it shows a judgement based upon an irrelevant, uncontrollable variable. However, religion provides you with (some) relevant data with which you can BEGIN to form a judgement of somebody. People are individuals and must be taken as separate cases in all instances but to argue that religion is an irrelevant variable is foolish.

I am so unbelievably fucked off with the inability of many to accept that many characteristics of Islam are simply unpalatable to traditional British values. Time for a beer.

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