Saturday, November 03, 2007

Jacques Fruits de Bois

This 'Belgian Cider flavoured with fruits of the forest' is supposedly imported into Britain to tantalise the tastebuds of discerning cider drinkers such as myself.

It carries a relatively premium price tag (about 3 quid a bottle from the off licence), and is marketed as something rather special.

Just to warn's fucking Bow and Black. That unmistakeable tang of chemical ridden Strongbow mixed with Asda value blackcurrant squash! I was tempted to pour some Prince Consort Vodka in it and really feel like I was twelve again.

Another triumph by the marketing/advertising cunts over the forces of sense and good taste.


Anonymous said...

The best cider by far I have enjoyed is Henney's Frome Valley dry cider.
The rest are poor imitations.

javieth said...

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