Monday, November 19, 2007

Ken...why do you hate me so?

To Ken Livingstone...why are you so offended by me and others like me?

I am from a modest background and earn a modest income.

I am an atheist, but not vigorously so.

I vote Conservative (Not BNP).

I try and tolerate the values and beliefs of others as far as they are not harmful.

Yet you have no regard for me or my ilk....why is this? We exist to you only to feed the tax pot from which you reach out to the immigrants, religious and ethnic minorities...and anybody in a Che Guevara T-shirt.

What have we done to you to cause such an irrational love for anybody with coloured skin or communist sympathies. You appear to have no reason for this other than good old leftist spite.

You hate me because I'm white, you hate me because I was born here, you hate me because I dont need your help. But most of all, you hate me because I cannot provide you with a vessel with which to continue your spiteful anti-capitalist agenda.

Do you know what Ken...I hate you too.


Jackart said...

It's munchausen's syndrome by proxy. He hurts us, because he hates himself.

Devil's Kitchen said...

Very true!

BTW, Keaton, I finally got around to reading Palmer Eldritch. I enjoyed it actually, though it's weird as hell. I shall, never the less, go and track down some more of his stuff.

If you email me your address, I'll post the book back to you...


Keatonmask said...


True, and that would be annoying in a colleague or something. But he's the fucking mayor of London! He twats about in public, crying and apologising for slavery and other such nonsense...and we fucking pay for it.

I can't stand his face either.

Keatonmask said...


Yeah Philip K Dick took extremely strong drugs for much of his life and I think that reflects in his writing. I would recomend 'A Scanner Darkly' (The recent cinematic version was rather good aswell) and 'UBIK'.

It would be easier to post to Jack actually (my flat has a letterbox the size of a dimebar) and we only live a couple hundred yards apart. Don't worry about it though I'd forgotten I'd lent it.

I'm enjoying the vitriol directed at the quacks at the moment BTW, they can fuck themselves if they think I'm giving up the sauce.