Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Death Proof

Tarantino's latest effort is (let's not beat about the bush) by far and away the most tedious piece of gratuitous crap he has ever released.

I liked Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs as far as they went, but lets be honest, pretty much everything since has been self indulgent, semi-cretinous monkey jizz. Held up against the likes of 'Sin City' or 'A Scanner Darkly' it hardly even classifies as different.

My brother (a film addict) got up and went to bed halfway through (at 9pm) announcing "This bollocks has sapped my will to live". A searing indictment from the man who actually sat through 'Ghost Rider' in its entirety.

I actually bought an imported version of this film prior to its UK release, I feel robbed.

My advice for your sofa night this week: rent 'Sunshine'. Despite the cover synopsis this film is far more 'Event Horizon' than 'Armageddon', but with a big dash of soul thrown in.

I was pleasantly surprised. I think you will be too.


Momentary Academic said...

I have not bothered to watch that one. I want to hear more about what you think of deadwood.

Jackart said...

Ghost rider is surely the worst film ever made....

Keatonmask said...

I think you'll find that 'Death Proof' runs it very close!