Monday, October 22, 2007

10 people that I would like to hit in the mouth with a brick

1. Oilslick Miliband (Dangerous...needs to be permanently and forcibly removed for the safety of the country)

2. Shawn Wright-Phillips (I'm not sure, but the sight of him brings on the urge for violence)

3. Sunny Hundal (Arrogant, leftist, spunkbubble)

4. Jason Robinson (Has no honour...and no talent)

5. Hannah Montana (Shut up...shut the fuck up!)

6. That cunt off the Halifax advert (Howard isn't it?)

7. Kanye West (I cant escape his shit music at any gym, anywhere)

8. Kate Nash (Less musical than flatulence, and probably smells worse)

9. Will Greenwood (Should not be allowed near a fucking mic, dribbling idiot)

10. Christiano Ronaldo (No explanation required)

I am tagging Jackart and MA to draw up their own lists. MA I suppose that yours can be 'people you would like to speak to very sternly'...or something ;)

1 comment:

Momentary Academic said...

I'll take your challenge. Today I'm so cranky I could punch some people in the face.

1. Virginia fans!