Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Emperor's new wine

I am very, very fond of wine. As an accompaniment to food, or indeed just providing that first oh so wonderful hit of alcohol after a really long day. I can blind test to a considerable degree of accuracy and can match wine to food with some skill (experience to be honest), so I would like to believe that I am not a total cretin in these matters.

So if one more quantity surveyor in a cheap fucking suit goes on about how simply wonderful Cloudy Bay is I will use my cock to give him a brain examination.

Yes, I like it.

Yes, it is quite good.

But it is also a triumph of marketing over taste. Take a reasonable wine, restrict supply and raise prices in order to increase both demand and margins.

I will let you all into a little secret: wine is totally subjective.

It matters not what the magazines, critics, or maitre de in your local fucking bistro simply matters what YOU like.

If you like Liebfraumilch then drink it. Don't try and pour me any mind you....


Momentary Academic said...

You're just a multi-talented one aren't you? Now I really do wish you had called when you were in New York. I'd have hopped a train to meet you!

Keatonmask said...

Yes you could have joined us to watch the Yankees steamroller the Mariners ;)

Jackart said...

'77 vintage port now...