Friday, September 28, 2007

A cunning stunt

This morning, following my experience earlier this week, I formulated and executed a cunning plan:

I went to my favourite morning sandwich shop, and there made a crucial purchase.

I then continued on to the baffling, frog-addled, designer pie shop that so confounded me previously.

Feeling slightly smug I approached yon frog.."One BACON roll please kind lady!"

She looked at me quite frankly, as if I was a twat, but handed over the food.

Beaming with glee, I whipped out the two hot sausages I had purchased only moments before and stuffed them into the roll.

I proceeded to cram as much food into my mouth as possible while shouting/mumbling "This is our Waterloo!"

I then had to run as I am pretty sure she was calling the police. But that, ladies and gents, is how one deals with the French.


Jackart said...

Oh those little moments of Joy when you defeat the system.

Right on, Brother.

Brandi. said...
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Momentary Academic said...

That is how you do it!

It's good to teach the stupid a lesson. :)

I didn't mean to sound put out in my last message, I was trying to emphasize the point that proof positive of friendship= love of HBO show Deadwood! Wooohooo!

Keatonmask said...

Ah right, you see so much meaning can be lost when using relatively shorthand print.