Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Do you mind if I sit here?

While enduring todays early morning commute I had some rather amusing reading material that I picked up from the First Capital Connect propaganda stand:

Headlined by a promise to increase peoples chances of getting a seat at peak times (are you laughing yet?), it told of a fabled 'study conducted by specialist external consultants with input from us and jointly funded by the DfT'.

Translating the wankspeak leads us to the message that; using taxpayers money they have paid a bunch of disinterested cretins to 'brainstorm' how they could make it easier to get a seat.

There follows a long and involved explanation of 'huge positive impacts' which essentially boil down to running a couple more trains at peak times. Is it me or is this completely taking the piss?

A tax funded study involving undoubtedly extortionate external consultants (began in 2005), submits the idea of running more trains with more carriages (pure genius) in December 2006 (a year damn well spent I'd imagine).

And what is more, the DfT has only approved the findings 'in principle' meaning that we will not see any improvement until December 2008 (Providing it doesn't run late...which as its a train co...oh bugger).

Read for yourself here if you can be bothered.


Momentary Academic said...

How I've missed you, my Welsh love!
This sounds very much like something that the Washington Metro has done.

None of these studies really amounts to much, do they?

Momentary Academic said...

P.S. I can't believe you didn't get JackArt to give you my number whilst you were in the States. Bad form, darling. Bad form. :P

Jackart said...

Quite brilliant...

Keatonmask said...


Why I missed you too m'dear, I can only apologise for not being in touch when I was in the states.

New York to DC would have been a bit of a stroll though ;)