Friday, September 21, 2007

Fluffy Bunny Land

Whilst perusing The Kitchen I came across this.

Ok...banning plasma TVs? I would be bilious if I believed it would ever happen.

But the 'Happy Planet Index'? I have actually just pissed my pants in mirth, I'm sure that there was an episode of the Carebears based on this idea.

Personally, I'd say that my happiness is governed by a variety of factors: The safety and health of my loved ones, having enough money to keep me swilling Sancerre, and how often I have attractive young ladies performing fellatio upon my good self.

How in sweet heron-buggering fuck a bunch of bespectacled, malnourished, badly washed lefties like 'Friends of the Earth' is going to 'index' this escapes me.

God I fucking hate vegetarians (apology to girlfriend), anybody who doesnt eat meat clearly cannot be trusted and should be neutered.

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