Friday, May 11, 2007

Taking Liberties

While I agree that films like this are both entertaining and necessary I find the reaction of most right-minded people slightly sickening.

No doubt when this picture comes out it will show us (for those of us who didnt already appreciate what pathetic little cuntfarts our Labour government is made up of) just how much we have been buttfucked in the last decade. Provided the material is reasonably factual this should provoke a national outcry (because it's horrific, true and close to home).

But what will we do? Shake our heads, write the odd blog post, and hopefully most of us will vote the right way.

But get this... there are people out there (intelligent people who can read and write) who will take on board the shafting that we have taken in the last ten years and.........I almost can't say it.......STILL VOTE LABOUR!

They will hide behind the impenetrable armour of the mindless lefty.....the belief that any unpleasant yet factual information is a right-wing plot to bring down the glorious peoples campaign to redistribute wealth, raise taxes...etc,etc, very tiresome and so utterly devoid of any kind of knowledge of irrelevant little subjects like economics for example.

Does anybody else agree with me that the heartfelt utterance of the statement 'Ibelieve in the redistribution of wealth' automatically forfeits the cunt's right to life?


Jessica said...

Hm... Now I wouldn't be that harsh... I think they should be taken off to a type of Catholic camp or 'retreat' for reprogramming instead. Except of course there would be more truth in the teachings and they would get the appropriate reprimanding (actually no, I just thought of something disgusting, I wouldn't wish that on anyone). No, let's not kill them nor abuse them - put them on an island by themselves.

Brilliant video link btw! How on earth do you find these things?! As for people 'still voting Labour' after the shafting. For the kind of the British population, I expect videos such as that one to be more effective than most other means. If only they were used.

Jackart said...

In answer to your final question. Yes.