Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Lets start from the beginning......why are the police referred to as 'pigs'?

To be honest it's because most normal people hold them in fairly low regard, it is not a term of endearment. One has to question why anybody would choose to join a profession which is largely despised by those with an IQ greater than six.

I recently enquired with an ex colleague/acquaintance of mine who was applying why she was willing to sacrifice the respect of her friends and family for a job that is fairly poorly paid and I would imagine moderately unpleasant. She began to elaborate on how she had always wanted to be a traffic policewoman and thought it was really 'cool' that she could stop people and ask them to produce etc. Needless to say I have never and will never speak to her again. I refrained from violence merely out of 'respect' for her gender. This is a perfect example of the kind of people who are attracted to a job where the sole focus for a large proportion appears to be inflicting small miseries on honest men and women.

The concept of a 'police pub' is an interesting one; essentially once a pub accumulates any significant number of off duty pigs as customers normal people (no matter how much they profess to respect the police) will cease to drink there. The reason being that nobody in their right mind can relax in those surroundings. Pigs are never 100% off duty and are police first and people second.

For my entire life I have been law abiding and paid my taxes, I am now getting to the stage where my monthly tax bill will pay a police officers wages. You would think that having no criminal record and a clean license would mean one would be treated with some respect.

I would like to make this clear.....when you join the police you forfeit your humanity, you become the lowest form of filth and deserve to be treated as such.


Jessica said...

I don't know. I'm not sure namecalling is ever justified - sometimes it automatically shows you to be entirely unreasonable and narrowminded don't you think? While a lot may be pigs, I am sure however that there are some people who join the police for perfectly genuine reasons and spend every day battling to do the most gruelling nasty real work whilst wrestling with tiresome and unfair pressure from higher authority.

I met a girl once (an Oxford graduate) who is in the police. A strikingly genuine, thoughtful and lovely person she was. I asked her how she found her place as a woman in the police. Her response was that women who had been victims of rape and children who had been abused felt a lot happier to talk to her about their upsetting experiences than the average male police officer. The outcome was that being a minority because of her gender she had more of a certain type of work to do because she got more positive results. When she described some of the things she did on a daily basis I was moved with respect and some kind of gladness that people like this do exist in this world.

For this one person alone, I refuse to ever call the police 'pigs' and don't like to hear it either because that tarnishes this person's own good name along with the other decent sorts. Therefore it is unjust and inappropriately offensive. I am positive that there are some discerning police individuals who would not dare to rape us of a 50 quid for an honest person doing an extra couple of miles an hour (using cameras which are proven to be inaccurate!!!) - it's when you shout pig in their face, they'll throw the book at you!

Keatonmask said...


I agree that these people do exist within the Police, but they are the exception rather than the rule. I for one have never, ever met one but I will concede that by the law of averages there must be a few people somewhere within the police who deserve the air they breathe.

100% of my personal experience with the police has shown them to be sadly lacking in both competence and integrity, for anybody there really trying to do good and make a difference I both admire and pity you.

I hear in parts of Ireland they refer to the Police as 'Niggers'....while in its usual context this term is extremely inappropriate, here it seems rather fitting.