Monday, May 14, 2007

Is it me or is this rarely pointed out?

When was the last time you heard anybody with any real personal wealth advocate the redistribution of said wealth to those with less?

Now does this or does this not clearly indicate a spiteful, malicious, green-eyed desire of those who advocate such politics to take from people who possess more than they do? It is one-upmanship....pure and simple. I know this sounds bleedingly obvious but many do not see that this is what sits behind the left-wing moral indignation.

The next time somebody preaches leftist bile to you do the only right and honourable thing.....jam your cock into their ear and fuck some sense into them. (If you are female you can use a screwdriver for this).

One place this has been covered with slightly more eloquence and attention to detail is here.

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Jackart said...

Only the very rich can afford socialism...