Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Rule of Law

I am not legally qualified, but I do understand that our law derives from the Separation of Powers and I understand what this entails and why it is in place. To my understanding this is a rule which applies to every single inhabitant of this country.

This may well change however. It would appear that sections of the populace wish to impose a different legal system on their communities based upon their religion.

Founded upon this, myself and a few of my friends have started the ' I like to do crack and fuck whores' religion. We consider it to be considerably less extreme than many other religions as all it requires is special dispensation from the government for us to take class A drugs and have sex with prostitutes all day. Of course it will be illegal for anybody to judge our behaviour or discriminate against our religious beliefs.

But seriously, does this not smack of bending over for the PC brigade? Polygamy is illegal (unfortunately) and Sharia law is a throwback several thousand years that demeans all living on earth today. Are we a civilised species? clearly not.

We cannot, and will not change our laws to accomodate the frothing lunacy of a religion that preaches hate, oppression, and death. In fact we cannot change our laws to accomodate any religion. I respect anybodys fundamental right to believe whatever they wish, but nobody has the right to force these beliefs on others.

I will echo Mr Enoch Powell: At the first hint of British law changing to accomodate Islam, I predict that this country will take up arms. And whatever can be said about Britain.......we do not lose a fight. I do not advocate this, it is merely a prediction based on the evident, bubbling undercurrent of conflict between Islam and humanity.


Momentary Academic said...


Would you actually have more than one wife if you could? Isn't one burden enough? ;)

One day, you might want to read my blog.


Anonymous said...

One Law for the Elite, another for the Proletariat/Kafir.
I thought you knew that.