Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Mass Murder

If you are communist, socialist or even vote labour then you should watch and read here.

You are in a small way personally responsible for millions of deaths, you are in a small way a murderer. The sick, cancerous, spiteful, jealous, misdirected, poorly educated and plain evil school of thought that you help perpetuate has killed more people than anything....ever.

Are you fucking ashamed? You damn well should be, you should be looking at the shelves of skulls from the communist killing fields and vomiting with sheer remorse.

You think its funny to scowl anytime Thatcher is mentioned, and its easy to take a crack at Bush (We all know he's a moron). But I give you Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro.....the list goes on.

So Thatcher crushed the Unions (Hiss!)? Good!! They would have buried Britain in a sea of self indulgent Marxist whinging. Study fucking economics you cunt and get it into your head that the 'Iron Bitch' saved this country. I'm from coal mine country as is my entire family for generations back (Lots of them were mining families) and guess what...those of them that were properly educated in unbiased economics agree with what was done.

For the sake of all of our children and generations to come across the world....I beg you.....renounce your filthy creed and do your part to help prevent the communist/socialist disaster happening again.

If you want something to believe in....something to cling to....make it a free market economy. It's tried, tested and proven not to starve people in their millions.


Anonymous said...

I give you religion as another example of 'unatural selection' with millions damned and tortured for non-allegence ("I had my foreskin in my pocket, honest"), and today's sexual-identity mandate is the new modern mental illness (I thought it was just for crapping out of, but The Party now tell me better).

C4' said...

Excellent points Kenton, unfortunately, such brilliance of reality is lost on those loony leftie muppets.

Keatonmask said...


Thanks for the vote (Its Keatonmask by the way). If only Terry Kelly could take any of this on board....I'd love to see the look on his face as truth dawned.

Unfortunately there's little chance of that.