Thursday, January 24, 2008

What is wrong with Cameron?

I was having a conversation with a good friend of mine recently about who I would ideally like to see take the reins at number 10.

My argument, is that I am fed up of wet pussies heading up this great nation. As some amusing puppets once pointed out 'Pussies get fucked by dicks, and so do assholes'. There is a worrying amount of truth to this. Said friend is a card carrying Tory....and rightly so. He believes (as I do) that the Conservative Party are our best chance of getting Labour out, and this of course should be the nations primary goal.

However, David Cameron is where we differ. I yearn for a leader with physical, mental and martial strength to lead us. I want to be led by somebody who I wouldn't like to go up against in a scrap, who I regard as flat out.....well....formidable. We have plenty of individuals in this mold (look at the army), we need to get just one of these men or women to the top.

The last man in number 10 was without a shadow of a doubt.....Margaret Thatcher. She had balls of solid steel. She was a determined pragmatist who did not back down. And despite her physical fragility, that woman would stand against anyone. Not called the 'Iron Bitch' for nothing.

What have we had since? Fucking wet farts, men who only hold the description because they don't have tits. A fucking embarrassment.

So I exclaim that we need an alpha male/female, somebody with bollocks. And the usually excellent Jackart comes out with:

'Cameron is an alpha male! He belonged to the Bullingdon Club for god's sake!'

Now ladies and gents, are you looking as puzzled as me?

Yes, Cameron is our best hope. Yes, he is the man to get Brown out. But, he is not a man. He is a chameleon, a necessary evil.

Membership of the Bullingdon Club basically means that you regularly go out and behave like a fucking toddler on other peoples premises. You have no respect for others property, and you like to think you are something akin to a rockstar when you are, in fact, a fucking student. I, personally would have bullied Cameron in school, on the basis he was undoubtedly an irritating little cretin. Come on Jack, you have been in the army, you know what real men are. They fight, and fuck, and do what needs to be done. They do not try and be all things to all people, they do what needs to be fucking done.

Bush is a dribbling idiot, but at least he wouldn't shit his pants if you gave him a smack in the mouth.

How about Martin Johnson? He is intelligent, a proven leader...and I wouldn't want to fight the bastard.


C4' said...

Bring Back Hague!

Vindico said...

Spot on. Unfortunately I am struggling to think of one MP who is not a spineless cretin. Thatcher had footballs for gonads and wasn't pushed around by opinion polls and focus groups, unlike todays moronic cunts. I want a Prime Minister who sets a course and, when elected, pursues it dogmatically.

Anonymous said...

fuck off you cunt

Trixy said...

Mate, I would have bullied Cameron at school. And Afterwards. And any time in the future, actually.

Trixy said...

Sounds like you need a woman to lead. For a woman to get anywhere in politics she needs to be a hard nosed bitch who doesn't take shit.

Well, to get anywhere in a right wing organisation anyway.