Sunday, January 06, 2008

More Piggy Idiocy

The ever lovely yet razor-sharp Trixy picks up on this.

Another staggering example of the Police acting with the utmost incompetence and lack of real world judgement. Britain is experiencing mounting social problems, especially with children from the ever growing underclass. Governed entirely by self interest, the Police do not consider right and wrong, merely the joy of power over the individual.

Long gone are the days of the trusted bobby, communities are now abused by their Police officers rather than defended. It brought tears to my eyes recently, when sitting with my young godson I had to explain to him (using a small wooden policeman) that they were 'bad men and women who want to lock you up'. What have we come to? How have the police fallen so far?

There is nobody to defend us, and we are forbidden to defend ourselves. They would have us turn the other cheek and spend our lives in fear.

I for one, will not.


Vindico said...

Sadly it is all too true. The police are no longer on the side of the people.

Anonymous said...

I have to say I have noticed police picking on and having an unacceptable attitude towards some innocent males. This surprises me as I have found the fuzz to be nothing other than helpful in every compromising situation I've been in (and there have been a good few).

I imagine the following unspoken dialogue:-

- 'What's my crime officer?'
- 'You're bigger than me, you have a nicer car than me, you appear too competent... I'm sure I can find something wrong you're doing ... then I'm the good guy of course...'

Sel (will you send me your email address please?)