Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Beautiful Game

No I am not in any way referring to football. While I dearly love football, it pains me to see it played by the most worthless, subhuman rats one can imagine (watch rugby if you want to see real men play a real sport).

I am of course referring to chess......yes that's correct....chess. For those who have never met me; I do not have a beard or an aversion to physical exercise. I am fortunate enough to be a formidable physical specimen and yet able to engage my brain where necessary.

After taking up chess at the age of 7 I have been surprised again and again by the sheer addictive qualities of the game. (For those who have never indulged) chess is the ultimate in one on one competitive gaming, for a beaten opponent is a wonderful thing.

I always find that playing chess brings out the testosterone fuelled alpha male in me even more than putting the gloves on and boxing....its pure ego. Beating somebody across the chess board is forcibly telling them....I'm better than you. Nothing rivals chess for its ability to produce a perfectly rounded masterpiece of strategy, tactics, and pure intuitive instinct.

For those of you who have never analysed this...please indulge yourselves in the 'immortal game'.


Momentary Academic said...

I've played chess and I'm just awful at it. Your flatmate claims that I'm awful at it because I'm a woman, I think it has to do with more than that.

Okay, just wanted to pop by and say hello!

Keatonmask said...


I'm sure Judit Polgar would disagree that it is because you are a woman. As a rule there are fewer strong female chess players.

To be honest though there are fewer female chess players full stop.