Friday, October 27, 2006

The Long Way Round?

What an utterly charming idea.......two chums bound together in genuine friendship and a mutual love of motorcycles decide to ride around the globe via some of the most inhospitable routes in existence. What a project....what an adventure....what a self indulgent fuckup!

Ewan Mcgregor, a man with a personal fortune larger than the GDP of Mongolia managed to whinge throughout the entire journey with the sullen, childish ignorance that only the truly overpaid can achieve. Its easy to fill yourself with righteous indignation over the 'murder' of a Russian bear when the value of said bear's pelt isn't the difference between food for your children or a serious lack of it.

Charlie Boorman, a man who's personal charisma is outstripped by his celebrity (a fact that one would deem impossible given nobody knew who in sweet godless fuck he was before the series was broadcast) provides the only true entertainment from the pair by dressing up in a pair of purple underpants and getting his fat arse kicked by a Mongolian wrestler half his weight.

The ONLY person in the entire cast who comes out smelling of something other than your average elderly hospital ward is the biker/cameraman Claudio who deserves not only his own series but a complete and unconditional apology from Mr Boorman for being a condescending imbecile from start to finish.

Unless you really, really like BMW motorbikes and are clinically deaf do not watch this as you may find skullfucking yourself with a broomhandle mildly more entertaining.

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Momentary Academic said...

"who in sweet godless fuck he [or she]"--please allow me to use this at least once in a conversation. Excellent phrasing.

Just excellent.